Staff smarter

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Staff smarter

Finding and keeping good employees is one of the toughest parts of operating a lawn and landscape business so we asked some experts how they handle the complicated process of hiring and retention. Here are four pieces of real world advice:

1) Know what you want.

“I am looking for people who are intensely interested in win, win, win across the board. I want someone who says ‘I want to work for this company so I can give value to the company, I can give value to the customers and I can give value to my own family.’ I don’t want to take you away from something else. We should be able to do everything together.” – David Tucker, owner of CLIP Landscaping in Frederick, Md.

2) Get referrals.

“If one of my people recommends someone, I trust their judgment because they wouldn’t be with me for the last 10 years if they didn’t believe in what we were doing.” – Michael Danley, owner of D-Lite Lawn Maintenance in Fort Wayne, Ind.

3) Reward good behavior.

“Take care of your people. We’re all offering competitive wages, so it’s the little things that will add up to a good work environment.” – Brad Hayes, CEO of Greenbee Landscape in Palmdale, Cali.

4) Hand over the reins.

“Our employees have come up with some of our best ideas. Listening to them and letting them experiment – giving them a chance to fail sometimes with a new system or procedure has been very good because it gives them an opportunity.” – Brad Hayes, CEO of Greenbee Landscape in Palmdale, Cali.

For more on hiring and retention, keep any eye out for the October issue of Lawn & Landscape.




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